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Eric E. Wilson- Founder of Good Guy Productions in 1987.  A graduate of Saranac Lake High School in 1985 and Mount Union College, in Alliance Ohio, in 1989. Still entertaining and loving his job after 22 years. 

Tammy Wilson- Tammy is the office guru.  She does all of the contracts. mailings, schedules and pays the bills.  She helps keep me, Eric, sane. Tammy also helps avert catastrophes by keeping things running smoothly while I am away.

Bill Wilson-“DJ Funky B”. Bill is Eric’s brother and a full utility man. Bill hosts gameshows, disc-jockey’s dance parties, and hauls speakers when needed. Bill is the kind of guy who will help out, no complaints, even when he doesn’t want.

Hicham Hamadi is the bomb, he’s DJ “H-Bomb”.  H has come all the way from Morocco to be a Good Guy and we’re pretty happy that he did so. He’s an awesome DJ and always wears a smile whether he is cranking out the dance tunes, running a video camera, shooting temporary tattoos, or whatever i need him to do.

Cory Hoffman- “DJ Red” Cory is a utility man who is proficient enough to help out at any event I need.  He’s a gameshow host, DJ, casino dealer, live sound support, etc. A good guy to have around. Get it, A “Good Guy” to have around...

Shawn Larock-is “DJ Spawn”.  Spawn is a killer DJ and is also one of our gameshow Co-hosts.  How about our new show, “University Idol”-he’s the host who can sing with the best of them!


Freddy Lee-  “Papi” Fred’s just learning the ropes.  He’s is an excellent worker and has already seen his share of both easy and difficult jobs.  Everyone finds their nitch within Good Guys and he seems to be becoming one of our inflatable, carnival and casino gurus.

Scott Patnode-Scott Patnode is an old club DJ from the mid 80’s making his return to the DJ scene.  He’s been a Good Guy since 1999 and now that his kids are older, he’s starting to learn what is hip again.  Scott get’s rave reviews for his desire to please a crowd. He takes pride in putting a smile on his guests faces!

Katherine Raymond-Katysan” is a recent college grad and gets utilized whenever her schedule will allow. Unlike most of the Good Guys she pays close attention and needs to be trained only once even on the most difficult set-ups.  Plus, she has a great attitude, doesn’t mind doing even the most menial jobs and is a pleasure to have around!

Paul Varga-Paul is a local radio talent who has come on to do our promotions, annnouncing gigs and weddings.  Paul is an A+ kinda guy who eveyone loves,  he brings great energy and a lot of smiles! we’re glad to have him onboard.

Steve Bombard. Also known as “Bumby”. Bumby is one of the road crew personnel and serves as the Sheriff for our Wild Wild West Casino Nights.  He is also one of the roadies for our carnival set-up and inflatables.

Dean Montroy- Better known as “Cecil”. Dean is called upon for our big P.A. jobs.  I figure if he can build a house, he should be able to keep scaffolding with half a ton of speakers from falling over. He’s worked with us on the Goodwill Games award ceremonies, Empire State Games and other various live sound events.

John Corrow also goes by the name “Snapper”.  Since 1992 Snapper has been around serving as a grip and DJ.  He took a little hiatus as a carpenter for a few years but we’ve recently started working together again and he’s doing a great job.  Now he can both DJ and help build sets, casino tables, and whatever else I can envision. Snapper is “THE Big Kahuna” for our beach bash.

Anthony Johns I call Mr. Peabody. He’s the only smart one of all of us.  And he carries around all kinds of cool electronic gadgets.  Anthony is currently under cover working for the  government on a top-secret mission, even he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He is another trouper who will do any show I need: live sound, gameshows, Dance parties, and even...cotton candy. And no he did not dress up as “Neo” for Halloween

Tim Brower...This is “T-Bone”. Honorary lifetime Good Guy. Tim is currently on sabbatical, but was with the Good Guys since inception. Every so often he’ll come around for a tour just as  an added bonus to the schools. He’s great fun to have around! 

Erik Van Yserloo This is “Big E”.  He is one of our creative masterminds!  When we are stuck on an idea, Erik is always the one we turn to. You may have seen him at the conferences.

Bryan O’Connor- Bryan is another one of those guys who has no pride!  What I mean is that he doesn’t mind dressing up as a girl for a gameshow, or be a Carny, or lug around inflatables, or even make cotton candy. And yes once in a while I let him show off behind the DJ console!

Darren Richards-Darren has been around the block...and I mean that in a good way. He has been on both ends of the entertainment industry; booking acts when he worked at SUNY Canton, and on the talent side now.  Darren’s a heck of a disc jockey and a pretty good blackjack dealer too.  And if you need a 500 pound inflatable lugged around, he’s the only person you need.

Matt Dehond.Matt is titled “DJ Thumb”. You’ll have to ask him how he got that one! Matt is another one of our veterans who comes around once in a while for a command performance. With a degree in theater he can pretend he knows what he’s doing...just like the rest of us.  He’s also one heck of a funnel cake creator.

Dave Walker-or “Smoothy” as he has been deemed, has been around for years helping out in various DJ/karaoke/emcee roles.  He’s a great casino dealer, karaoke jock, even makes a a good carny.  His quick sense of humor makes it fun to have him around.

Carmon Rust- We know that Carmon is traditionally a woman’s name, but when you’re 6’5’ and 260 lbs you give respect and call him “The Big Ragu”.  Carmon started as a grip and is still an occasional member of the road crew.

Doug Fransen We call him “Dirk” or “Doug-Cat”. It’s because of his oversized sunglasses-really! Doug has his own production company called Full Circle Productions but helps The Good Guys with everything from sound to drive-in movies to set design to being an occasional carny.

“Cowboy” Craig Brown. Road warrior. Craig has actually been around since 1992 doing jobs with the Good Guys in various roles from P.A. set-up to carny. (He makes the best cotton candy around-and it’s his all time favorite job) 

AMBER BRKIC. Also known as the winner of “Survivor All-Stars”.  We did a show together following her stint on Survivor Australia therefore she is an honorary Good Guy. She’s also the only one of us with a million dollars.

Bob. Also known as “Bob”. Bob is a road crew personnel. He serves as the referee in Battle of the Sexes and is very often seen at conferences at the closing showcase dance parties.  Bob sometimes shows up for Ding Dong's for $

Jim Minnie-Jim has no nickname, although we do call him a few names, and has only one job-soundman. We don’t make him do anything else other than mix bands because he’s the best. It’s not uncommon to hear a band say, ”We’ve never heard ourselves sound that good before”. And no this isn’t his mug shot!

Colin Gleason is DJ “Sayed” After graduating with a degree in Communications, he seemed like a perfect fit to be a Good Guy.  I’m not really sure how he likes doing carnivals or dressing up as a girl in Ding Dongs for $, but he takes it all in stride and does his job with pride. Recipient of the 2002 Odor-Eater Rookie of the Year Award.

Dennis Ryan This is most certainly a case of last but not least.  Dennis get’s credit for the entire Good Guy Productions company.  After graduation from college I began working for his radio station in Lake Placid New York and our crew was referred to as “The Good Guys.”  When the station ceased to exist I asked if I  could keep the name alive and he gave me full backing.  Dennis was the original Good Guy.  It’s a long story but if it weren’t for him there wouldn’t be us.



31 George Downs Lane, Bloomingdale, NY 12913

Ph/Fax:(518) 891-3500

31 George Downs Lane, Bloomingdale, NY 12913

Toll Free: (888) DJDJDJ-1

Ph/Fax:(518) 891-3500

Toll Free: (888) DJDJDJ-1

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